Consumer Products

Consumer Products

Trying to get a new product out into the market can be more than a little challenging. There are many components to getting the funding and managing the project. Making sure that all points are on track and that you have not missed anything, from applying for financing to production of the product, is essential to the success of the product.

Key uses for SAP products for Consumer Products

There are many functions that the SAP products provide to those in the industry of creating consumer products.

  • Organization with real time assistance through HANA for strategic demand can provide excellent resources for consumer product manufacturers.
  • Monitoring the grant application process from beginning to end complete with task monitoring and delegation.
  • Appropriately manage issues that may arise from the process of application of grants to prototyping and production.
  • Ensure that there is product compliance and safety compliance throughout the process.
  • Manage the supply and demand of the product after initial release and through ongoing production.
  • Streamline and coordinate manufacturing of the products for quality and transportation of the product to retailers.
  • Keep track of potential failures so that you can get ahead of them and make alterations in order to avoid failures.

When it comes to individual types of consumer products, there are some specific benefits to SAP Solutions.

Food Related Products

Food related products can benefit from these systems in several ways, such as being able to eventually deliver what the consumers want in a safe and high quality manner. The management of recipes and compliance in following those recipes in large quantity can be accomplished with the help of SAP Product Lifecycle Management. The optimization of promotions in order to improve baseline volume is also accomplished in similar ways. The use of these products also means the most cost effective way.

Apparel and Footwear

Automation of manufacturing combined with keeping up supply, management of sales and all of the financial processes for producing apparel and footwear can maximize your time and use the resources available more efficiently. This will improve results, help to standardize product line management, enable high quality production consistently, track manufacturing and materials inputs and reduce inventory based on forecasting through real time information.

SAP Solutions and Monitoring can help to build a solid base for manufacturing of all types. It also provides the foundation for consistent production, intake of consumer needs, development of new ideas, financing of new ideas and moving through the process of bringing the products to consumers.