Aktive Group offers programs to help their clients succeed in their business efforts. These include programs that will hone in on the skills that they have as well as add new skills popular to the industry. We believe that educated clients make faster and better business-critical decisions.  

Leadership Development for Management

Management has their feet on the ground and deal with the major issues as they occur day to day. There is a great amount of skill required to be able to provide proper decision making while in the heat of these issues. Some of the training that helps with this process includes:

  • Project Management Core Classes:
    • Scope Definition and Management
    • Project Leadership and Communication 101
    • Schedule Development and Management
    • Resource Planning
    • Quality Management
    • Risk Identification and Management
    • Contract Management
  •   Applied Project Management – Microsoft Project
  •   Applied Project Management – SAP Project System
  •   Business Analysis – Documenting Requirements and ROI


It is important that the executives involved in a business are able to handle changes in the business as well. They need to be able to keep up with technological changes and make fast decisions based on what they know.

  • Building an Effective Enterprise Project Office (EPO)/Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Improving Business Performance through Agile Strategic Planning
  • “Checkpoints” – Why Every Business Needs Governance
  • “So, What Are We Working On and Why?” – Defining and Managing Your Business Portfolio
  • Organizational Change Management – A Practical Approach


Changes in technological can slow down the growth of any business very quickly if the team members are not prepared for it. Making sure your team is ready for technology is essential to keeping up with the competition.

  • Portal Development
  • Custom Training Programs
  • SAP ABAP Programming

Proper training of all team members is the key to making sure that your business is prepared for any roadblocks that might come along. It is vital that everyone is confident in the day to day operations of the business and their individual components of responsibility so that things won’t be thrown in the event of unexpected change.

Aktive Group is ready to tackle a variety of training formats. Our professionals can train one “go-to” expert for your company and instruct them on how to teach others that will be using the software on a regular basis. Want to get all of the training out of the way? We can train each and every person on your staff if that is what you desire. We offer hands on, extended training if needed. Customer service is always our priority. Choose Aktive Group to train your staff on existing SAP software or on the specialized software installed by our own company.