Aktive Group Grants Management

Aktive Group Grants provides businesses with the tools necessary to prepare applications for financing solutions. Submission of formal applications in a timely fashion is essential to utilizing the potential available in grant programs. Since there is much more to applying for grants than simply filing a piece of paper, it is essential that a business owner has the tools necessary for successful submission of grant applications. Our experts at Aktive Group can help you find the right software and tailor it if necessary to fit the needs of your grant application situation.


The objective is to assist key personnel in your business with the application process from start to finish. This includes preparing applications and proposals for the express purpose of obtaining grant financing for projects and production and meeting regulatory requirements for same. Not all application processes are the same, and there are a variety of requirements from the institutions or government agencies that must be met. Grant software can help your business to become organized in its grant application efforts. With global expertise in making sure that our customers have smooth implementation of the best products for their needs, we are prepared to give your business or organization the edge.

Areas of Assistance

Utilizing Aktive Group and SAP software can provide your business with the support necessary to give your team the opportunity to succeed. There are several key elements that the software can address to better your chances of completing and submitting a quality application.

  • Resource Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Collaboration
  • Monitoring
  • Compliance Assessment
  • Report

All of these items need to be managed throughout the process of the proposal. It is easier accomplished with the assistance of our company to provide feedback and organizational options. Though software is intended to provide the utmost in technical resolution to your grant related proposals and issues, it is set up to be exceptionally user friendly and casual in tone.

Provided Resources 

The process can be followed right up to the end and then turned over to the SAP GM solution to start the project off.  The Aktive Group service provides several functions for the collaborating team when preparing grant proposals and applications.

  • Ease of movement for your business proposals, resources and projects
  • Provide a streamlined process of completing applications and submitting in order to improve the chances of a successful response.
  • Provide better efficiency and reduction of duplicate work by staff members.
  • PPM’s real-time reporting and analytics with measureable results.
  • Alignment of proposals and all resources with the goals and mission of the business.
  • Visibility that allows all departments to work hand in hand to make sure the proposal and project are in alignment.

Aktive Group does more than just have over some information and software. We provide a personal service that goes above and beyond that of our competitors. That is evident by our current clients located across the globe. Contact Aktive Group today to discover how our experts can help take your grant department to the next level.


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