Aktive Group Funds Management

Every business requires the business owner and management staff to completely understand the financial situation throughout the year. Making sure that finances are well accounted for is essential to the process of planning. Whether you are in need of budgeting at the fund, fund center and commitment items, Aktive Group Funds software can provide you with the support that you need. Our experts at Aktive Group can ensure that you have the best implementation for your needs. They will bridge any gaps that might exist between your business needs and the software.


Aktive Group provides key support systems for project managers that need financial planning while streamlining the process. With some automation involved, such as the PPM Portfolio structure creation, you will be able to find structure. Through a three dimensional Fiscal Year planning structure, Aktive Group Funds provides quality methods for getting well structure financial tools in action.

Driving Features

  • Approval of Phase Gate Budget
  • Fiscal Year Planning
  • Portfolio Creation to PPM from R/3
  • Budget Portfolio Scenario Brainstorming
  • Forecasting, Cost Tracking and Planning from PPM
  • Real Time Budget Creation from PPM to R/3
  • SAP BW Integration

Major Benefits of Interest

  • Tracking Financial Planning Approval Process
  • Financial Planning Process Automation for Budget Portfolio
  • Clarity of Budget Portfolio Planning
  • Reducing Risk on Budget Portfolio Evaluation Ultimately Optimizing Financial Planning
  • Multi-Program Planning from Various Sources of Budget

Utilizing Aktive Group in your business planning can provide you with a clear path to step by step financial planning. This type of support software can also provide a clear view to all staff members as to how the finances affect each individual component of the process and each project. Setting up a system for forecasting, maintaining and creating function for every application, project processing or development provides a clear guide for all team members allowing for easier success. The professionals at Aktive Group are prepared to help them understand the software and how to use it with proper training. We are ready to answer any questions that might come up when you need them answered. With a global group of customers and references, we have the experience to give you what you need for your business.

Setting hierarchy for groups and an investment management structure along with financial funding forecasting can provide the key participants with vital structure to go by. Implementation of Aktive Group Funds software can also provide key participants with clear direction as to steps and expectations relating to a project. There are a large number of budgeting and forecasting components that can give you clear goals and easy to maintain paths based on real time information. Whether your primary concern is the cost elements in completing a project or processing a product or you need to completely tie in the individual projects with overall company goals, Aktive Group provides the step by step tools to make it work. Discover the Aktive Group unique customer service advantage by contacting us today.



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