SAP Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence (BI) is essentially the warehousing platform created by SAP that is used for compiling a large amount of data to be used for a variety of users. The BI platform allows business owners the ability to use various tools to analyze the data housed. This also allows the business owners and managers to interpret all of the data about activities, production, customers and suppliers. Using these tools allows for planning that is detailed, accurate using real time information and enhances production to a new level. These things can provide the edge of the competition that a business might need. Our company provides your business with clean implementation of this product complete with gap coverage to make sure you are meeting the needs of your business and customers.

Areas of Business Intelligence

Business intelligence software provides you with the means to manage your data in the best possible way so that you can optimize its use and develop strategies for success. Some of these areas of vital use and importance are listed here:

  • Data Warehousing – The ability to hold and maintain a vast amount of data is an essential part of getting the most from your business systems. With SAP BI you will have a vast amount of storage for all kinds of data and the ability to integrate it, store it and manage it all at one time. This is vital for utilizing tools that will help you better run your business.
  • Visualization Tools – SAP BI allows for the analysis of information through displaying insights and forecasting the future. This can then be shared through email and other portals for the entire team of players to be able to work on, comment on and implement into other parts of the process.
  • Publishing Capability – Sharing the information that is contained within the SAP BI platform includes broadcasting to all those involved.
  • Security – Using SAP BI solutions can provide you with what you need to keep confidential information safe and only distributing to key members of your team.

The major reason that you would want to consider having Aktive Group implement BI for your business and product development is the way that it can help you plan and develop throughout the process. It can be used as your basis for decision making while holding all of the information you need to make major decisions. It allows you to make calculations, archive data, complete analysis in many formats and begin the planning of the production. BI security protocol can also be set and monitored to ensure that your privacy is held in check through a production.

Our customer references are a testament to our ability to create a clean and streamlined connection between your business needs and the useful tools associated with the SAP created BI product. We are prepared to answer any questions you might have and provide your staff with all that they need to utilize all of the components of the software by way of training. Contact Aktive Group today to find out which solution is right for your company.