SAP Mobility


Without the advantage of mobility for customers, suppliers and employees, a business would simply not be able to keep up with the competition. Today’s industries demand access to data that they need immediately and where they are. The utilization of wireless networks the world over, combined with devices that allow clients to do business virtually anywhere, makes it essential for a growing business to invest in mobile solutions. Aktive Group is focused on making sure that you select the right products to make this happen and that you have the help you need to flawlessly implement these products into your business.

Making it easy for your customers, employees and vendors to obtain the data that they need wherever they are is best done with top rated and trustworthy solutions from a leader in reliability. Aktive Group and SAP have the end-to-end software that will give your team the mobility that is necessary to stay competitive. It is easy to find the best fit for your business needs and your budget. Getting started with only what you need is the easiest way to go. Our skilled staff at Aktive Group can help you to upgrade products, make improvements or bridge any holes that might exist as you find it necessary and as your business grows.

Platforms and Applications

A mobility platform from SAP allows businesses to interact with their customers, team members and suppliers effortlessly and at any time. Through the use of these applications those involved in your business can help you get the results that you really need. Our goal is to ensure that the products you can benefit from work with your systems and your business as they should. We take the SAP software products and implement them into your business so that they work how you want them to, bridging any gaps that might exist.

  • Ability to track data and productivity progress right from mobile apps.
  • Ability to retrieve and utilize data in running forecasts and developing scenarios for success.
  • Working with team members regardless of location to hone in on need for change and make alterations to productivity schedule or direction.
  • Keep track of inventory, changes in product data and alter scheduling of meetings accordingly.

Other Attributes

Managing your production through the use of SAP mobile applications can help you keep up with deadlines and increase productivity even when away from the product. Through these means you can take advantage of scanning options, inventory upkeep, and product marketing to help you make the most of all of your time.  These programs can be tied into the databases so you can make changes to the data, add new information and take stock of the status of your production efforts.

Mobility applications allow you to make instant decisions that can make or break your productivity. Regardless of the size of the business, applications on your mobile will provide you with some of the best options for keeping everyone tied into the project at one time. As our customer references will show, we make it our business to ensure you are able to utilize each product to its fullest and reach greater success in your business. Discover how Aktive Group professionals can help with your success by contacting us today.