SAP Product Lifecycle Management - SAP PLM

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

PLM is the management of a product throughout its process from the very start of the concept through designing, manufacturing, servicing and disposal. The main components of Product Lifecycle Managment include the people involved, the process to accomplish the manufacturing, the data used and the business systems necessary. This management system allows the developer to keep close tabs on the entire process to monitor for flaws and necessary alterations.

PLM Applications

The SAP Business Suite provides clients with a single source of truth software for product based information. Businesses with a leg up on the competition have the ability to create as well as deliver products and services that are both diverse and innovative. Support is provided for clients using the PLM application from the initial product idea through manufacturing and product service. Our job at Aktive Group is to help you choose the right PLM product for your business needs and to ensure that there is no gap between the software, the needs of your business and the needs of your customers. 

Utilizing PLM software gives you the ability to create as well as produce products that fill a market void and are innovative. Additionally, the software allows you to maintain standards and management through the development process and get those products to market quickly. Thanks to the consistent management the product will maintain the industry standards for quality and be within regulations. The software provides you with the agility in the market that your competition won’t have. After we have worked with you to ensure that the software is implemented properly, we will ensure that you have any questions you might have along the way answered quickly.

Added Advantages

Along with the obvious usefulness of PLM products, there are some added advantages in the long term that can provide your business with impressive relationships and progress:

  • The product allows you to improve on business relationships throughout the progress of a product.
  • You will be able to increase the value to your customers as a business producing products.
  • The product provides you with a means of obtaining data to be used in multiple capacities.
  • All team members will have access to the product process in order to make valuable assessments and recommendations for change as needed.
  • You will have a cost effective means of streamlining the process of a product that will ultimately afford you more flexibility as a business.

Team Advantage

Since your team will be able to access and adjust as the process progresses from conception to production of a product, you will have the advantage of catching problem areas as they come up and addressing them quickly. Streamlined PLM software will provide you with one source for all of your data. Our Aktive Group experts will be sure that the product is working as it should for your specific needs and bridge any gaps that might exist. This makes it easier for everyone to get the same results due to the same data.

Determining whether or not your business can benefit from SAP developed PLM software is a matter of looking at what you want to accomplish and how quickly you want to get there. If you want to achieve your goals of bringing new products to the market as fast as possible with maximum quality, you will likely find the product to be hugely beneficial. If you are in search of a means of creating a streamlined process of moving a product through production, the PLM is right for your business. Our long list of happy customers and excellent references show that our experts are there to give you what you need for your business. Whether you are a business based in North America or South America, our global professionals can help increase your productivity with the implementation of the right products. Don’t wait. Contact us now to find out how Aktive Group can help your company.