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Aktive Group Task is a software system that provides the user with the ability to add and update tasks to both Projects and Grants. This allows users to make chances as necessary to keep up with changes in the objective of each project or grant. The management will have more notice of what needs to be accomplished and the team will be put on the same page. When our professionals implement this software for your business, they will watch for any gaps and provide solutions. The software will work flawlessly with your systems, and our experts are prepared to make sure of it.

Key Benefits

Utilizing a user dashboard, the management team and support staff can access a task list, make changes to it and update it as the project moves forward. This puts everyone on the same page in real time allowing them to address issues as they arise with tasking and scheduling. Some of the important features of the product include:

  • The ability to monitor both grants awarded and grants that have not yet been awarded through the Grant Management Dashboard.
  • Assignment and management of tasks related to grants through the Task Dashboard.
  • Ability to download grants in PDF through the dashboard.
  • Ease of use for the entire team including management.
  • Ability to tailor security so that you are only allowing access to those that should gain it
  • Implementation with other systems throughout your process.
  • Complete system to help improve accountability across the board.
  • Ease of editing when necessary to improve on results.

This software gives the management the ability to stay completely up to date on the next steps in the process of grants and production. This is going to benefit both the team members so they understand the expectations and the customer when the product is pushed through a simple system. It also ensures that there is nothing missed in the process allowing for more likelihood of acceptance of a grant proposal. If there are specifics for the types of grants that your company deals with, Aktive Group can provide you with software to ensure that the Task software addresses specific needs.

Utilizing a management system like Aktive Group Task will give your business a chance to stay one step ahead of the necessary steps to achieve success. The integration with other programs used within the business is essential to getting excellent results and acceptance of proposals.  Whether you have a large number of proposals for grants out at the same time or you just have to monitor them one at a time, this is a good way to keep the entire team on the same page. Without proper management of these tasks a grant application can fall apart before it even gets started. The Aktive Group team is ready to help you get solutions that work for your business and help you learn how to use them to make your business more efficient. Contact us today to experience our personalized attention.

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