Aktive Group Issues Management 

Aktive Group Issues provides the business owner with key tools to effectively identify and manage problem areas or issues with a project. Utilizing a system of logging and tracking to keep an eye on issues with production, a project manager can make adjustments as necessary. The information regarding issues for projects is kept on a dashboard and in real time, allowing the project manager easy access to the information. This will allow for circumvention of any slowdowns in the production or other issues. The Priority tab gives project managers access to those issues that are critical in status. We at Aktive Group are able to implement this software product for your specific business needs by filling in any gaps and by providing you with the training necessary.


The Aktive Group Issues product has a number of benefits for your project. Using the system allows you to address problem areas before they get out of hand. This also means that you can save time and money in the long run by managing problems as they arise. With this type of software you can make sure that you are working with the team to handle each component as it becomes an issue—without waiting until it reaches a critical point. Some of the key features of the Aktive Group Issues software are as follows:

  • Easy to use and comprehensive issues log
  • Integrates with SAP PPM and easy to use Aktive Group Issues data entry screen
  • Dashboard for ease of access and implementation
  • Multiple project issue visibility with collapse and expand functionality
  • Project level summary indicator in collapse mode with defined threshold number and critical status of issues
  • Adobe output form
  • BW integration

Who Benefits

When the Aktive Group Issues software is used everyone involved in the project is benefited to a different level. The project manager has an easier time of trying to keep track of each project and its progress. Individual team members will get the help they need to correct a problem before it becomes critical. The customer will be served because the product will be brought to market much sooner and in excellent condition. The business will see results because of the speed and quality that you are able to produce. We can make sure that the software is implemented in such a way that all of the bases are covered and nothing is missed.

Additionally, you will save money when you are able to meet deadlines and avoid major problems throughout the creation of the product and throughout the process of the project. Not having to fix costly mistakes after they are made and making deadlines is essential to staying on point with your budget. Our satisfied customers with growing businesses all over North and South America are a testament to how we can help you choose the right product for your business and implement it to meet your needs. Allow our professionals to use their knowledge of SAP PPM and how to implement it by contacting us today.


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