Engineering & Construction

Engineering & Construction

Maintaining an engineering and construction business requires that strict deadlines be met. This can be challenging with large numbers of projects in the works. This means working with some of the best development and monitoring products to stay on task.

Important Benefits

Engineering and construction projects require a large number of steps in order to first attain the job and then follow it through to the end in order to maintain quality and stay on task. Some of the ways that SAP products and Aktive Group can help this industry are as follows:

  • Automating financing and bidding is an important part of the getting the job in the first place. Having this achieved smoothly is accomplished easier with management software.
  • Integrating deadlines and monitoring status is important to being able to make adjustments based on real time information. This can save a contract from critical damage by allowing management to make fast decisions based on the information that they receive, potentially avoiding disaster.
  • Quality control is far easier when a list of tasks is followed so that everyone is doing things according to rules, regulations and general company requirements. This also can help you to see where there are issues relating to the problems that might arise when you are off track.
  • Monitoring of production status is easier done with automation through using SAP products. Using them to keep track of how each member of the team is doing their job can help create tailored services for anyone in need of a little direction.
  • Using the systems to monitor spending, budgeting, forecasting and more can provide early warning if the project begins to go off budget or off schedule.
  • Checklists are essential to making sure that all of the individual tasks are being managed by the individual team members, thus keeping the project on schedule. Getting off schedule is not just a problem for the customer, but also for the engineer or contractor.

Initial Stages of Projects

During the very important initial stages of obtaining a contract for a new project, SAP products including presentation capability, best practices, blogs, forums, videos and much more can help to do the work necessary to win the project. Additionally, working through the finances for a potential customer can help them to better visualize the potential of hiring the right company for the job potentially leading to attaining the project.