Aktive Group Request is an automated Project Request Management system that is fully integrated with the SAP PPM and SAP Project System (PS) that provides the detail planning, execution, and financial (cost) management of projects.  It is seamlessly linked to the SAP Finance and Controlling (FICO) modules, providing the automated financial and budget control mechanisms.
Key Features
  • Electronic data entry of Project Initiation (PIF) form data by project type
  • Automated workflow notification of:
    • Department Manager upon Aktive Group Request submission or any updates
    • Project Manager when assigned to PIF by Department Manager
    • Executives when requested $ threshold is above approving level of Department Manager
    • Requester when additional info is needed, or if the request is rejected or cancelledAutomatic creation of PPM Project Item into initiation phase upon request approval
  • Automatically create PS project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) via template, based on project type
  • Plan project Capital & Expense costs in detail by phase (Internal Labor, Materials and Outside Contractor Services) and notify reviewers via PPM Status workflow when completed.
  • Budget projects when approved by reviewers
  • Release budget by phase, to ensure fiscal responsibility gate check and  approval prior to spending
  • Monitor plan, budget, commitments and actual costs throughout the project lifecycle via reporting


  • The right projects are funded at the right time – by implementing methodologies and tools for:
    • Portfolio Reviews
    • Project prioritization
  • Projects have the resources and support they need to be successful by implementing SAP PPM Resource Management
  • The entire portfolio remains aligned with Strategic Goals
  • Executive Management has the information necessary to make effective decisions via Executive Dashboards
  • Provide project oversight and governance for the organization as a whole to help maximize project benefits
  • Act as a competency center that provides expertise, support, and training to the PM organizations and Management
  • Coach the Project Managers to achieve ultimate project success


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