POC / Support Services

POC or Proof of Concept is sort of like a sample to show you that the product you have already purchased, your SAP software, or one of our available options that you are looking to purchase is actually going to work for you. After all, no one wants to spend a significant amount of money only to find out that what they purchased doesn’t apply to them or work for the type of company they operate. Aktive Group understands that dilemma and has developed their own Proof of Concept in order to put their potential client’s minds at ease.

Aktive Group has built numerous prototypes of the programs that we believe will fit your specific business. These prototypes are actually initiated into your company’s daily life in order to prove or disprove which systems will work for you. While we currently have existing prototypes for a variety of businesses, we are more than happy to design one specifically for your company. Using a Aktive Group prototype (Proof of Concept) allows you, the financial decision maker, to make an educated and informed decision before buying expensive solutions that may not be the right fit for your particular company.

The professionals at Aktive Group associate our Proof of Concept to the idea of test driving a car. You want to see how it handles, what’s under the hood, if there is enough room for everyone and it has all of the components your family needs. Our experts understand that a great deal of companies want to purchase exactly the type of systems that work for them and fit their specific needs. And because the Aktive Group team has worked with a wide variety of companies throughout North and South America and beyond, we can create a “sample” program that we believe fits your needs. Then you can take it for a test drive and let us know how it works. What other company lets you “try before you buy?”


Support Services

Aktive Group doesn’t abandon you after the test run and the sale. Our professional team is with you for the long haul. After the initial implementation of your specialized system package, our team is on site to help you work out any bugs or to fine tune any part of the software.

Our support services continue as we can assist in training your staff to use the new system. The Aktive Group team will also update you on any new features that we believe would be especially helpful to your company. Do not worry. We won’t be sending you constant information about any new feature or product. Any updates sent to you will be directly related to the increased success of your company or foundation.

Don’t worry about the time zones. Our existing clients are located all over the United States in major cities as well as throughout Latin America. We are familiar with the world market and our Aktive Group team is ready to help with all of your business needs.

If you are looking for a company that will give you a test drive on customized SAP software packages before you make such a substantial investment and will assist you from beginning to the end then what are you waiting for? Contact the Aktive Group team today and put their expert knowledge to work for you.