HANA (High-Performance Analytic Appliance)

HANA is a system that supports real time data processing and analytics all in one. The product allows the use of transactional and analytical data in one storage solution so that it can draw from the data to provide real time analysis in any given situation. This allows you to better operate your business and your production levels because you can get answers to questions quickly, enabling you to make critical changes as necessary. This is both money saving and time saving in nature, making your business and team more productive. Aktive Group is prepared with experts to help you both implement HANA into your system and provide you with any gap assistance that you need to make it work flawlessly for your individual company needs. 

Power within SAP HANA

The power behind the HANA applications is such that you will be able to change your direction quickly when you need to. You also have reliability in knowing that you will have what you need. We at Aktive Group work hard to make sure you have the right product for your company needs and the needs of your customers. There are many powerful advantages to consider:

  • Combined Storage-The sheer ability to keep all of the different types of data in one location that can be pulled from when necessary to make decisions based on real information is priceless to a business owner. You need to be able to get the most current information if you want to be able to pinpoint real problems and come up with real solutions to be implemented.
  • Large Data Storage-The ability of SAP HANA to store large amounts of data makes it easy to stick with the same system without massive and frequent upgrades. This allows you to build a storage warehouse for data that you will need and have it easily accessed for analysis whenever the needs arise. The migration of this older data to the newer data makes the real time applications fast and accurate.
  • Access to More-SAP HANA software allows for access to text analytics libraries, and it is predictive and special in nature because it allows you to draw from the data from many sources for accurate, fast and powerful information.

Applying HANA

The applications of HANA into your business world are somewhat endless. There are many ways that it will benefit your business and your customers. Our customer base globally have benefited from the Aktive Group experience when selecting the right SAP created HANA product for their business. We can help you to gain momentum and get a leg up on the competition by what you offer your suppliers, team and consumers.

  • Consumer Communication – The product allows you to provide your consumer with real time personalized interaction that will give them the feeling that they matter to your business. They can both provide real time feedback to the consumer as well as take in consumer insights.
  • Quality Planning and Streamlining – Through the use of SAP created HANA software a business can use real time analytics to control planning, make adjustments and cut through the layers of processing so that you are more easily able to set a plan into action. This means faster and more accurate results with higher quality return.
  • Analysis and Response – The HANA product provides you with the ability to predict problems or needed changes ahead of time to redirect processes in order to get the results you need. This will help to avoid potential catastrophe or slowing of processing tremendously.

When it comes to making sure that you have the tools that you need to keep your business functioning at its best, software programs like HANA can be valuable tools. Our professions at Aktive Group are prepared to help you get the right software and to implement it into your business flawlessly. Contact us today. Let us help you make your job easier.