Public Sector

Public Sector

Schools, colleges and universities have a huge job in front of them teaching those that want to learn. Making the most of the work ahead often means applying for grant money to help with some of the tasks related to the business of running a school. Using Aktive Group SAP systems gives the school a far better opportunity to be successful in these endeavors.

Important Benefits

There are many benefits to utilizing the systems provided by Aktive Group SAP to help achieve goals such as obtaining grant funds and even running the basics of the school. Some of these include:

  • The ability to organize and manage data so that it can be accurately harvested and utilized in the preparation of the application for grants.
  • Keeping track of the process of the grant applications with SAP HANA is a good way to ensure that the entire team is on the same page and that actions are taken when it is necessary.
  • Integrating the grant process status with starting projects based on grant acceptance can make things run more seamlessly. It also helps management to see where there might be faults in the system and address them before critical issues are created.
  • Following through with processes using a system to utilize real time data in making alterations in plans as necessary is easily done with Aktive Group SAP systems.
  •  There is a great deal of benefit to being able to monitor financial goals, budget status and spending. This will allow management to see potential points of going off budget and address them before they become a major deviation from the budget.
  • Simple planning of the tasks and steps required from the inception of applying for grants to the process of using the grant funds to complete projects can help everyone to be on the same page. This can reduce the chances of problems resulting from a lack of cohesion.

Comprehensive Consistency

It is important that the management and executives are able to make major decisions quickly based on real time data. Consistency in the overall handling of applying for grants and utilizing them on projects is the best way to get quality results. Being consistent in the way that you do things, with a similar process each time and automation to keep track of the progress is the best way to get these results and to help reduce the likelihood of major errors along the way.